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These are the custom icons I've made for Telegram icon contest! These icons took me 4 days to make, hopefully you like them. :)

I've used Figma to make them all.
Here's a description of every icon, since I wasn't able to include them in the demo.

Gameboy Icon - A blast from the past! This icon is inspired by the Nintendo Gameboy's color palette, evoking a sense of nostalgia. It features a pixelated environment set against a sky backdrop with the pixelated Telegram logo.

Retrowave Icon - Back to the 80s. This icon embodies the iconic design style of the 1980s known as Retrowave, characterized by its vibrant and retro aesthetics.

Space/Universe Icon - Into the Universe. This icon showcases the Telegram paper plane venturing into the depths of endless galaxies, surrounded by glistening stars and vivid space auroras, creating a sense of cosmic adventure.

Sky Icon - The simplest of them all. This icon is the most basic in the pack, serving as a remastered version of the default Telegram icon. It features the iconic paper plane flying through the sky, within dense clouds, as you send your message across the world.
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#2 are best!
Night Heron Oct 20 at 10:42
Thank you!
Nice work, particularly #1 and #2.
Night Heron Oct 20 at 10:42
Second one is great!
Night Heron Oct 20 at 14:33
Thank you, Ace Fly! :)
Night Heron Oct 20 at 14:32
Thank you, Fluffy Beaver!
I love #2 and #3, great work!
Night Heron Oct 20 at 15:11
Thank you!
All your options deserve the highest marks ♡
Night Heron Oct 20 at 15:33
Thank you so much!
Night Heron Oct 20 at 15:59
Thank you bro
hm..pixel and retro vibe ?)) nice
Night Heron Oct 20 at 16:05
Our submissions share some similarities :P
good job bro
laptop/google/windows 10
Night Heron Oct 20 at 16:25
Thank you
I did pixel art too. Yours is so cool, hope pixel art will end up in the app)
Night Heron Oct 20 at 18:25
Thank you, Gecko! Your's pixel art is also great. :)
This is really great work. I've upvoted it. Could you please take a look at my icons?
Night Heron Oct 21 at 07:21
Thank you, Perfect Hawk!
Night Heron Oct 20 at 20:04
Sorry, but I'd rather to have a balance instead of making the icons oversimplified or overdetailed.
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